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All members of the Portuguese Chamber of São Paulo have a 10% discount on our services.

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We are the official partner of Dr. Catarina Zuccaro's office, for all judicial and administrative proceedings in Portugal


To apply at the European University, our advice is 100% free.

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We are an official partner of the office of Drta. Olivia Ramos, for all judicial and administrative processes in Brazil.


The CEP has been associated with Cadastur since 2018.


We guarantee 100 euros off the 1st month of renting the UHUB student residence in Porto and Lisbon


5% discount on all international travel insurance. Talk to us and travel peacefully.

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10% discount on the cost of your international operation.

Use the discount coupon COMOSTUDAINPORTUGAL


Guarantee and peace of mind for CEP customers, who intend to make large remittances abroad, with special rates

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Cestarolli/TAP partnered with CEP to serve all our customers exclusively.

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